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Press coverage
"You don’t necessarily need to have a bike to purchase a Beep Bicycle Bell, there are a bunch of other reasons why you need Beep Bicycle Bells in your life."
Beep Bicycle Bells: Hand-painted bike bells with some serious style
Hunter Hunter
"We have to say that the bright and entertaining Foodie range has caught our eye (or, rather, our stomach)."
Spice up your bike
Treadlie Magazine - April 25, 2018
"We work with talented Australian artists, and we’ve been featured by Treadle and Frankie magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Life Instyle and more. Winning Cloud St has been a real pinch-yourself moment for us."
Meet our Cloud St Resident: Beep Bicycle Bells
Xero Accounting
Excellence in Marketing - November 15, 2017
Jana Lindstrom
Director, +61 (0)400 587 877
Founded in 2012 by Jana Lindstrom - an avid cyclist and mum of three energetic boys, Beep is an bicycle accessory company that combines fun design with a love of outdoor adventures. Working out of a colourful and creative studio in Newcastle, we want to continue to inspire kids and adults to get out there, live life and step away from the screens. We are passionate about the design of efficient, unique outdoor accessories and the difference they can make to our customers and our environment.
Fundraising Bike Bells
We created clean and crisp bike bells branded with the Westpac Resuce Helicopter as auction items for their annual charity event.
Custom Microsoft Bike Bells for Conference giveaway
Beep created 800 Microsoft Kubernete branded bike bells for their 2018 Kubecon conference in Copenhagen. Say it loud and clear with Beep Custom Bike Bells!
Custom Fundraising Bike Bell Partnership
SAY IT LOUD WITH BEEP! Camp Quality needed a bold new way to raise funds to help kids with cancer. There’s no better way to make your marketing extra memorable than with stand-out bright and bold Custom Beep Bells. Together, we launched an epic campaign with the Camp Quality smiling face logo on our fun and functional Beep Bells!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I am a massive fan of the beautiful hand-painted bicycle bells from Newcastle (NSW) based Beep Bicycle Bells. With lots of designs for kids and adults, they make a unique gift for anyone who loves riding their bike or scooter."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"These personable bells offer a fun way to greet friends or make new ones along the way."
Inhabitats Magazine
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Thanks so much for the wonderful bell. It is far, far nicer to give a cheery ring-ring which says “ I am a cyclist just letting you know I’m here and isn’t it a great day” rather than the imperious single dingggg of my old bell which sounded to me like a frightful old dowager duchess calling the maid for more tea and cucumber sandwiches .. And it looks so good as well ............ "
Happy Customer - Cameron
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Jana Lindstrom
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